TouchNet Demo

On June 11th and 12th, Cylinda Duran and Russ Baumgartner with TouchNet came to Roosevelt Commons West and gave three sessions presenting the TouchNet Marketplace product to the campus community. We recorded those sessions and edited them into a single set of videos. The demos shown are indicative of the software's capabilities, but are not necessarily how University of Washington will deploy the software. 

These videos will not play in your browser, they will download and need to be launched in your video player.

Intro - 18 minutes, 38MB avi file 

Marketplace Part 1 and Part 2 - 30 and 29 minutes, 126MB and 155MB avi files

Point of Sale (POS) - 22 minutes, 56MB avi file

Management - 32 minutes, 114MB avi file

uPay - 15 minutes, 65MB avi file

Sites - 7 minutes, 52MB avi file

Tuition - 13 minutes, 27MB avi file

OneCard - 7 minutes, 16MB avi file

Wrap Up - 12 minutes, 30MB avi file