Can I charge convenience/service/surcharge fees?

If you are interested in charging a fee for your credit transactions, please let us know at pcihelp@uw.edu

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway authorizes a credit card transaction for e-commerce transactions.

My customer has provided me a four digit decline code from TouchNet.  How do I tell what this means?

A list of exception codes can be found here: https://secure.touchnet.net/help/ech/default.htm

Select “exception codes for hosted solutions” for credit card transaction code definitions.

What is a chargeback?

A reversal of a credit card payment coming directly from the bank.

What is a MID?

The Merchant Identification Number is the account number assigned to University merchants associated with processing credit cards.

How do I find my MID?
  1. This was the 10-digit number given to you when we set up your merchant account..
  2. MyFD
    Look on the transaction line (03-49 / 03-51)
  3. Merchant Services Fee Report
    You can look up by budget and you'll see all MIDs associated with the budget
  4. Processor reporting
    Merchant Connect (Elavon) or ClientLine (FiServ/KeyBank) - MID is on the top of the statements
Do you handle ProCard questions?

We do not. Please reach out to procard@u.washington.edu for any ProCard questions or concerns.

What types of fees are involved with taking credit cards?

The current fee structure may be found here.

What fees are returned to the merchant on a return transaction?
  1. UW Merchant Fee
    1. Internal UW Merchant Fees are not returned.
  2. Elavon Processor Fees
    1. A transaction charge of $0.03 will occur for the return transaction. 
    2. The previous Elavon transaction fee of $0.03 is not returned. 
    3. The interchange fee(%) varies based on card brand used and transaction type. 
  3. Cvent Fees
    1. Cvent registration fees are not returned. 
Is it true American Express is more expensive to accept?

Due to UW participating in the state contract with American Express, interchange fees are locked at 2.15% compared to an average of 2.25% for Visa and MasterCard. Elavon transaction fees are .03 cents for all cards, including American Express.

I am having issues with my credit card terminal/reader. Who should I contact?

For technical issues, contact Elavon's Premier Services line at 1-800-725-1245. For replacement or new terminal orders, contact pcihelp@uw.edu.

How does our income get deposited into our budget

The settlement data is received from our merchant acquirer Elavon. This data is used to create accounting entries which credit your designated budget. For more information contact bankrec@uw.edu.

If I want to update the merchant budget information who should I contact?

Email pcihelp@uw.edu with all updated information.

How do I obtain reports for the fees we are charged

The fee breakdown can be found in Workday as report R1257.

How do I get access to my MID activity?

MID activity can be found at merchantconnect.com.

Where do I get reports for the revenue we receive through merchant services

Revenue reports can be found here.

Do you have an example template for departmental policy?

Example Credit Card Handling Policy can be found here

What are the User Roles and their functions in TouchNet

Merchant/uStore/uPay Role Access
Merchant Level Merchant Manager
  • Manage general merchant settings
  • Grant the store manager and uPay site manager user roles to other users
  • Add stores and uPay sites for the assigned merchant
  • Edit general settings for stores created under the assigned merchant
  • Add accounting codes and assign the accounting code used for taxes
  • Review Marketplace financial reports
uStore Store Manager
  • Manage general store settings
  • Bring stores online and take stores offline (and schedule status changes)
  • Configure text messages
  • Configure stores to run in singlestore mode
  • Upload splash and side banner images, and for stores in singlestore mode, upload header images
  • Upload additional images for use with style sheets
  • Download, upload, and activate style sheets for stores in singlestore mode
  • Configure shipping classes and rates
  • Configure store product categories
  • Add and edit products
  • Configure an additional donation to be offered during checkout
  • Schedule status changes for products
  • Move products between categories
  • Configure payment methods that are allowed with user groups
  • Configure user modifiers
  • Activate the Marketplace tax service and configure which states use this service
  • Grant the store clerk, fulfiller with refund/cancel rights, and fulfiller user roles to other users
  • View Marketplace financial reports for the store
uStore Store Clerk
  • Add and edit products in their assigned store
  • Move products among categories
uStore Fulfiller with Cancel/Refund Rights
  • Fulfill orders
  • Refund orders
  • Cancel orders
  • For orders made with an ACH payment method, override the waiting period and proceed with fulfillment
uStore Fulfiller
  • Fulfill orders
uStore and uPay Accountant
  • View Marketplace financial reports for the store.
uPay Site Manager
  • Responsible for managing uPay site settings.
  • Responsible for assigning payment clerks and accountants.
uPay Payment Clerk
  • Responsible for issuing uPay refunds.