Cvent Attendee Hub

Virtual Event Platform + Event App

The Cvent Attendee Hub is an integral part of Cvent's Total Event Solution, providing solutions to reliably and securely plan, promote, and drive engagement for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.  

  • Engage attendees around the world in your live, in-person event for a hybrid experience
  • Deliver live or pre-recorded video with Cvent Video Conferencing to support your collaborative sessions, virtual appointments, and virtual meetings rooms
  • Showcase a consistent, fully branded experience, from your event website to registration to the virtual experience itself
  • Have an included Event App to engage your audiences in-person
  • See the Attendee Hub in action


Effective January 1, 2023, we will return to a flat fee for attendee hub + event app, at a new lower price!  This pricing will be valid through December 31, 2024.  

  • Attendee Hub + Event App is $6.50 per registrant, per event
  • Please note, the attendee hub and event app are now one product and cannot be separated.  However, you can still elect to turn one or the other on for your event, if both are not needed.  

Attendee Hub + Event App Roadmap

The below steps will occur simultaneously while your event website and registration are built and launched.  The Attendee Hub is designed to be available to your attendees no more than a few days prior to the event start date. 

STEP 1 | Indicate the Attendee Hub will be activated

When creating the event, indicate the event is using the Attendee Hub by selecting ‘yes’ for the following question:

STEP 2 | Get to Know the Attendee Hub

Check out the overview video and access the Demo Event to experience the Attendee Hub firsthand.

STEP 3 | Complete the Training Module

At least 4 weeks prior to the event start date, Complete the Attendee Hub onboarding learning path prior to building out the attendee hub

STEP 4 | Build Your Attendee Website and Event App

Finalize the basic setup of your website and app by configuring settings, customizing the design, and adding sessions.

Configure Your Settings
Before you start building, set up your event, exhibitor, appointments, and event app to work with Attendee Hub. You'll also need to select your account-wide and event-specific settings.

Customize the Design
Choose your branding colors and upload Attendee Website and Event App images. Preview your event along the way to get a feel for how it will appear to your attendees.

Add Sessions
Build out your event agenda and set up the videos for your virtual sessions.

Leverage Customer Support Line for Attendee Hub

866-318-4357  |  Ext. 1 - Event,  Ext. 2 - Platform Support Attendee Hub  

STEP 5 | Prepare to Launch

Choose which live support call option will be the most beneficial for your team and this specific event to prepare for launch: 

  1. Pre-event Call to review the Attendee Hub to examine the hub and ensure set-up is complete.
  2. Dry Run Prep Call to learn how to host dry runs with your hosts and speakers + how to host dry runs for a Livestream or collaborative session.


Contact OMS at to schedule your selected call

with a Cvent Attendee Hub Solutions Specialist.


Each of the above steps to prepare to launch can also be done independently:

STEP 6 | Event Day!

Your team is ready to deliver a great event and experience for attendees. If you need any help during your live event, the Cvent Customer Support team is your first line of defense. You can call and reach them around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Customer Support Line for Attendee Hub


Ext. 1 - Event, Ext. 2 - Platform Support Attendee Hub

STEP 7 | Post-Event Recap + Metrics

Following the event, your team will receive a custom recap email sharing the highlights of your Attendee Hub, including:

  • Total Logins
  • Logins v. Registrants Rate
  • Top Viewed Sessions
  • Average View Per Session

Cvent provides additional key metrics that allow you to assess the success of your Attendee Website and Event App. The master metric report, the Attendee Hub Usage Report, gives you a high-level overview of a single event.  Learn more about the report and available metrics.

Additional Support

If you would like additional support on any of the steps within this roadmap, you can always reach out to us to discuss additional Cvent support:

Hana Kenny

Event Platform Manager, Office of Merchant Services