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Records Need to Work Where They Live


And the survey says...

Last month we sent out a survey asking where you are storing your electronic records. We want to share our takeaways from the feedback we received. We got quite a few responses so thank you to everyone who took the time to participate.

The Survey

What platforms is your office using to store electronic records (that you know about)?

The Results

Title: Bubble chart of survey responses - Description: Email: 22; Network Shared Drive: 24; SharePoint: 16; Departmental Database: 15; OneDrive: 10; Google Drive: 12; University EDMS: 3; MS Teams: 11

I am sure it surprises no one that email and shared drives, the least structured options, dominate the results as these are still nearly-ubiquitous features of the modern office. For the small number of respondents that did not mention email, we can only assume they excluded it because it serves primarily as a repository for transitory records and they were more focused on platforms used in management of their substantive records.

One thing that was a bit of a surprise is the significant growth of stalwart SharePoint and relative newcomers Google Drive, OneDrive, and Teams. Taken together, the adoption of these cloud-based platforms far outstrips conventional network shares. Plenty of folks are storing records in databases and Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) as well – an important reminder that databases need to be managed and regularly purged just like any other repository of records. The campus EDMS seems a little underrepresented by our group of respondents so you may see future articles from us highlighting the many benefits of this enterprise electronic storage offering from UW-IT.

So, for the future, we are hearing that we need to continue to provide resources on email and network shared drives, but also continue to develop additional resources for these newer technologies that are quickly becoming an integral part of the University’s electronic landscape. For users, the take-away is be mindful of all the locations an electronic record can be stored. Having many repositories can quickly become challenging to manage. Choose the repository that fits the privacy, security, and access requirements of your records and allows you to delete once the retention period has ended. Contact us at for a consult.


We will keep this survey live for a couple more weeks for anyone who would still like to participate. [Survey has closed, but we'd still love to hear from you at]



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