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Thu, Apr 14, 2022 - 9:00 am
Zoom Webinar

April 2022 Meeting Q&A Follow Up

PAFC Hot Topic: Third Party & Subaward Cost Share

Q: Can subaward recipients who failed to report cost share in invoicing, instead certify using a letter as with third party cost share?
A: Yes, if the subaward recipient could submit a contribution confirmation letter if they failed to include the cost share amount on the standard invoice. We recommend monitoring the subaward recipient’s invoices throughout the award to ensure that the cost share is being reported on the invoice.

NSF & Research.gov

Q: Note that GIM19 needs to be updated to include Research,gov. It states: "OSP heavily discourages the use of Grants.gov for proposals submitted to NSF. Please prepare proposals to NSF within the NSF provided Fastlane system.
A: Thank you for catching this, GIM 19 has been updated to include Research.gov in that statement. 

Q: Do both the PI and their Grants Manager need to have Research.gov access in order for the Grants Manager to prepare the proposal on behalf of the PI?
A: Yes. PIs must have a Research.gov account with a PI role affiliated with the UW to create and submit proposals. After a PI creates a proposal, they can delegate viewing and editing access to campus administrators who have the Other Authorized User (OAU) role affiliated with the UW. Grants Managers who assist PIs with proposal preparation should create their own NSF account and request the OAU role affiliated with the UW. When a user requests a role affiliated with the UW, OSP is notified and processes the request. Please contact osp@uw.edu if you need assistance setting up a Research.gov account.

Q: If PI gives staff access to their NSF proposal in Research.gov, does that staff person need to have their own Research.gov access permission?
A: We strongly recommend that each user obtain their own Research.gov account with a role that is appropriate for their position. Please keep in mind that the federal government continues to increase online security and is moving to requiring 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for all federal systems using Login.gov. When you have your Login.gov credentials created, you will link accounts from various federal systems to Login.gov and use those credentials to log into all linked federal systems.

Subrecipients & the New UEI

Q: Does this also pertain to foreign institutions?
A: Yes, the UEI is required when federal funds are awarded to the subrecipient, domestic or foreign.

Q: Is there a website where we can look up a subaward's UEI?
A: Subrecipient UEI can be searched in SAM.gov. To access SAM information, you need to create a SAM.gov profile and be logged in. User account credentials are managed by login.gov, a service that allows you to sign into many federal government websites with one set of credentials. Please refer to guidance on how to search for entity information. Review more information on “Signing up” vs. “Registering” with SAM.gov.

UWFT for the Research Community Webpage

Q: Will the Award tab be available in the SAGE test site?
A: The SAGE Training environment is designed to mirror what is currently available in production, so we do not intend to make future UWFT work (such as Awards) available in Training. However, we expect to have an Evaluation & Testing environment available prior to UWFT launch. It is TBD whether this environment will be available for all SAGE users, or just a targeted group of testing/training participants.

Check out UWFT for the Research Community and Provide Feedback 

Bridge Funding Program

Q: One type of K award is intended for postdoctoral scholars: the K99 award. I assume this is not eligible for bridge funding since it is not an award intended for faculty?
A: You are correct that Post-Docs are not eligible to apply for Bridge Funding.

Learn more about the UW Bridge Funding Program

Crowdsourcing Services

Review more information from Procurement Services on the  Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) policy

CORE Recognition: Research Administration Certificate Recipients

Q: How can you enroll in the certificate in Research Administration?
A: Review information about pursuing a CORE Certificate.