Canvas Catalog

What is Canvas Catalog? 

Canvas Catalog is an elegant, all-in-one learning solution that includes a course catalog customized to your institution, course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Canvas Catalog is native to Canvas, which allows you to publish any Canvas course in an attractive online catalog quickly and efficiently.

canvas catalog features


UW Availability

Catalog is available to UW departments, colleges/schools, programs and centers through the Office of Merchant Services (OMS) instance of Canvas.  The users of the OMS Canvas instance are limited to non-matriculated students and best suited for continuing education programs, conferences and symposia. 


UW Pricing

There are two fees assessed for Canvas + Catalog: 

1) Catalog Annual Fee: $1,200 per year (includes implementation and payment gateway fees)

2) Canvas Non-Matriculated Learner Fees: 

Canvas Catalog Course Type Price

Non-Matriculated Learner

"per learner model"


Short Course Enrollment

"one week to two months"

most cost effective if learner is taking only one course


Micro Course Enrollment

"hours to one week"

cost effective up to three courses


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To enroll in the OMS Canvas instance, with Catalog, email