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No - our office has a format-neutral stance towards data. All records management policies that UW currently implements will continue with Workday Finance.

For UW Academy, details about financial records retention periods can be found on our General Records Retention Schedule. For UW Medicine records, please send an email to

Yes, data from legacy financial systems like ARIBA and MyFD should still be accessible in view-only mode for a period of time.

No - once you've confirmed that the document has been properly uploaded to Workday Finance, we strongly recommend disposing of the local copy of the document. If you keep the local copy after uploading it, it is considered a duplicate which can be disposed. Be aware that keeping the local copy means that it is responsive to public records requests, audit, litigation and investigation and must be included in your response to these matters.

For more information, please refer to Electric Records that do not need to be Printed or Saved.