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eSignatures and DocuSign

No.  After a record has been executed in DocuSign, ensure your office has a procedure for how and when to download the document from DocuSign and save it locally.   The UW contract with DocuSign does not include a retention plan and we do not rely on DocuSign to hold the record for the entire retention period of the document.

No. Electronic signatures and digital records are considered acceptable document formats for federal agencies. 

Federal agencies are in the process of converting to a paperless environment as a response to the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA) passed in 2003.  In support of GPEA the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provided additional procedures and guidance to implement the Act.  In both GPEA and the OMB guidance, electronic signatures and records are valid and enforceable and encouraged.

Yes, an eSignature service is now being offered by UW-IT as part of the Enterprise Document Management business service. eSignature capabilities are provided through an enterprise UW license for an online software called DocuSign. It provides the following business functions both electronically and securely: signatures, data collection, approvals, notification and acknowledgement.

For more information and to sign up, refer to the IT-Connect page on eSignatures.

If you want to scan then destroy the original paper record, your office must have a written Scanning Policy on file with UW Records Management Services. We encourage you to use our Scanning Policy Builder to aid in drafting a departmental scanning policy that meets all University and State requirements.