Department/Organization Box Number
Emergency Medicine BOX 357235
Endodontics BOX 357448
Engineering Advising Office BOX 352181
Engineering Library BOX 352170
Engineering R&T Labs BOX 355014
Engineering, Office of the Dean BOX 352180
English, Department of BOX 354330
Enterprise Records and Health Information BOX 354914
Enterprise Revenue Cycle BOX 354918
Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, Department of BOX 351618
Environmental and Occupational Health Northlake Lab BOX 359202
Environmental Health and Safety Department BOX 354400
Environmental Health, Roosevelt BOX 354695
Epidemiology, Department of BOX 351619
Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action (EOAA) BOX 351240
Equal Opportunity Office BOX 354960
eScience Institute BOX 351570
Ethnic Cultural Center and Theatre Complex BOX 355650
Evans School of Public Affairs BOX 353055
Executive MBA Program BOX 353220
Executive Programs BOX 353225
Experimental Education Unit (EEU) BOX 357925
External Affairs, Office of BOX 351242
F2 Data Group BOX 354965
F2 Equipment Inventory Office (EIO) BOX 354966
F2 Financial Acctg BOX 354965
F2 Grant & Contract Acctg (GCA) BOX 354966
F2 Management Accounting & Analysis (MAA) BOX 354966
F2 Procurement Services BOX 354967
F2 Risk Management BOX 354964
Facilities Services Alterations - Upper Campus BOX 354285
Facilities Services Central Zone BOX 352155
Facilities Services HS Maintenance Zone 17 BOX 357140
Facilities Services Maintenance - Northeast Zone BOX 354285
Facilities Services Maintenance - Outside Zone BOX 354285
Facilities Services Maintenance and Alterations Administration BOX 354285
Facilities Services Stores BOX 354280
Facilities Services Training Academy BOX 354280
Facilities Services, Engineering Administration BOX 359452
Faculty Senate BOX 351271
Family and Child Nursing BOX 357262
Family Health Project BOX 358736
Family Medicine BOX 356390
Family Medicine Research/Centers BOX 354982
Federal Relations BOX 351210
Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit (FADU) BOX 356560
Finance and Business Economics, Department of BOX 353200
Financial Aid, School of Medicine BOX 357430
Financial Management BOX 354999
Financial Management BOX 359441
First Year Programs (FYP) BOX 352825
Fisheries Teaching & Research Building BOX 355100
Food Service Café BOX 359545
Forest Resources, College of BOX 352100
Forestry Continuing Education BOX 352111
Foundation for International Understanding through Students (FIUTS) BOX 352233
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center BOX 358080
French and Italian Studies, Division of Romance Languages and Literature BOX 354361
Freshman Programs BOX 352805
Friday Harbor Laboratories BOX 351812
Gastroenterology BOX 356424
Genome Center BOX 357720
Genome Sciences, Department of BOX 355065
Geography, Department of BOX 353550
Germanics BOX 353130
Global Health BOX 358116
Global Health Resource Ctr BOX 352800
Global Health, Department of BOX 351620
Global Innovation Exchange BOX 359117
Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) BOX 354951
Golf Range BOX 354051
Government Relations, Office of BOX 351244
Graduate Admissions BOX 352191
Graduate Program in Neuroscience BOX 357270
Graduate School BOX 353770
Graduate School Fellowship/Interdisciplinary Studies BOX 352192
Grant & Contract Initiative BOX 357981
Greenberg Lab, Division of Oncology BOX 358059
Grounds Management BOX 352166
Gyn, SLU BOX 358055
Haggett Hall BOX 354460
Haggett Hall Custodial BOX 354461
Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars BOX 351630
Hall Health Primary Care Center BOX 354410
Hansee Hall BOX 354480
Hansee Hall Custodial BOX 354481
Harris Hydraulic Lab BOX 357960
Health Science Minority Students Program BOX 357253
Health Science Services BOX 356355
Health Sciences Academic & Facilities Services BOX 357175
Health Sciences Library BOX 357155
Health Services, Department of BOX 357660
Health Services, PHF Department of BOX 351621
Heart Institute Harris Bldg. BOX 357966
Hematology, Medicine BOX 357710
Henry Art Gallery BOX 351410
HFS Account Payable BOX 355608
HFS Conferences BOX 355603