Department/Organization Box Number
NW Mountlake Terrace Primary Care BOX 358820
NW MRI 2ND Floor Tower, Suite A210 BOX 358803
NW MRI MOB Ground Floor, Suite WG1 BOX 358811
NW Multiple Sclerosis Center, Suite Y130 BOX 358815
NW Neurology Clinic At UW Meridian Pavilion, Suite MP201 BOX 358819
NW Neuromodulation, Suite D1010 BOX 358800
NW Nuclear Medicine, Suite A268 BOX 358803
NW Nursing Administration, Suite X203 BOX 358813
NW Nursing Float, Suite E745R BOX 358834
NW OBGYN and Oncology, Suite W101 BOX 358811
NW Obstetrics & Gynecology Ballard, Suite Z250 BOX 358820
NW Obstetrics & Gynecology Mill Creek, Suite MC200 BOX 358820
NW Obstetrics & Gynecology NW Campus, Suite W212 BOX 358811
NW Obstetrics & Gynecology OPMC, Suite O200 BOX 358818
NW Oncology BOX 358831
NW Operating Room, Suite B250 BOX 358805
NW Otolaryngology, Suite O270 BOX 358818
NW Outpatient Infusion, Suite E160 BOX 358825
NW Palliative Care Services Admin, Suite X110 BOX 358813
NW Parking, Suite B120 BOX 358841
NW Pathology, Suite A265 BOX 358824
NW Patient Access, Suite X104 BOX 358813
NW Pelvic Health Center, Suite Y320 BOX 358814
NW Perioperative Resources, Suite X104 BOX 358813
NW Pharmacy Inpatient, Suite B210 BOX 358838
NW Pharmacy OPMC, Suite O267 BOX 358818
NW Plant Engineering, Suite B120 BOX 358841
NW Primary Care At OPMC, Suite O230 BOX 358818
NW Primary Care-Fremont BOX 358820
NW Primary Care-N Seattle BOX 358819
NW Proton Therapy / Fred Hutch Cancer BOX 358820
NW Psychiatry Graduation Medical Education, Suite D3020 BOX 358828
NW Pulmonary Function Lab, Suite CR736 BOX 358809
NW Quality Improvement, Suite X201 BOX 358813
NW Radiology, Suite A245 BOX 358803
NW Respiratory Clinic, Suite W207 BOX 358811
NW Respiratory Therapy E Wing, Suite E792 BOX 358809
NW Rheumatology Clinic at OPMC, Suite O250 BOX 358818
NW Risk Management, Suite X208 BOX 358813
NW SCU / Telemetry, Suite A300 BOX 358829
NW Security Campus, Suite B120 BOX 358841
NW Spine Center At Meridian Pavilion, Suite MP201 BOX 358819
NW Sports Medicine Clinic Ballard, Suite Z350 BOX 358820
NW Sports Medicine Clinic OPMC, Suite O300 BOX 358818
NW Sports Therapy OPMC, Suite O110 BOX 358818
NW Strong Bones Clinic, Suite O250 BOX 358818
NW Supply Chain Management, Suite B140 BOX 358804
NW Surgical 4th Fl, Suite A400 BOX 358843
NW Surgical Admin, Suite B250 BOX 358805
NW Surgical Scheduling, Suite X104 BOX 358813
NW Surgical Services And Hernia Center At UW, Suite MP101 BOX 358819
NW Ultrasound, Suite A224 BOX 358803
NW Utilization Management, Suite X301 BOX 358813
NW Vascular & Endovascular, Suite W110 BOX 358811
NW Vascular Imaging / Procedure Unit, Suite W106 BOX 358811
NW Weight Loss and Metabolic, Suite MP101 BOX 358819
NW Wound Care & Hyperbaric Clinic, Suite W201 BOX 358811
NWH Accounting BOX 359415
Obstetrics & Gynecology BOX 356460
Ocean and Fishery Sciences, Dean's Office BOX 355350
Oceanography, School of BOX 357940
Odegaard Undergraduate Library BOX 353080
Office for Nursing Research BOX 357265
Office of Academic Personnel BOX 351273
Office of Healthcare Equity BOX 357237
Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD) BOX 352835
Office of Professional Pharmacy Education (OPPE) BOX 357239
Office of Sponsored Program, Office of Research BOX 359472
Office of Student Veteran Life BOX 352231
Office of the Vice President & Vice Provost for Student Life BOX 351266
Ombudsman's Office BOX 352238
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery BOX 357134
Oral Health Sciences BOX 357475
Oral Medicine BOX 356370
Orientation and Transition Programs BOX 352805
ORIS BOX 354976
Orthodontics BOX 357446
Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine BOX 356500
Osteoporosis Research Group BOX 357233
Pacific Medical Center BOX 358260
Pacific Northwest Quarterly BOX 353587
Parent/Child Assistance Program BOX 358499
Partners for Our Children/SSW BOX 359476
Pathology BOX 357470
Pathology Laboratories BOX 357705
Patient Accounts & Support Services BOX 354911
Patient Financial Services BOX 354912
Payroll BOX 359555
Pediatric Dentistry BOX 354915
Pediatrics BOX 356320
Periodontics BOX 357444
Perspectives of New Music BOX 354804
Pharmaceutics, Department of BOX 357610
Pharmacology Laboratories BOX 357750
Pharmacology, Department of BOX 357280