Department/Organization Box Number
MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement), Statewide Office BOX 355845
Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition BOX 356426
MHCI+D Graduate Program BOX 354860
Microbiology Labs BOX 357740
Microbiology, Department of BOX 357735
Microfabrication Facility (MFF) BOX 352143
Military Science - Army ROTC BOX 353820
Minority Affairs, Office of BOX 355845
MLT Regional Heart BOX 356006
Molecular and Cellular Biology BOX 357275
Molecular Diagnostics BOX 358115
Molecular Eng. Bldg Const. Site BOX 351201
Molecular Engineering & Sciences Admin Offices BOX 351653
Motor Pool Operations BOX 354270
Moving and Surplus BOX 354280
MS in Data Science Program (Interdisciplinary Data Science Group/IDSG) BOX 354942
Multicultural Affairs, School of Medicine BOX 357430
Museology Graduate Program BOX 354861
Music Library BOX 353450
Music, School of BOX 353450
Nanotechnology User Facility (NTUF) BOX 352143
National Alzheimer's Disease Coordinating Center BOX 354983
National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning (NCQTL) BOX 354238
National Research Center for Statistics and the Environment BOX 354323
Naval Science, Department of - Naval ROTC BOX 353840
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, Department of BOX 353120
Neurological Surgery BOX 356470
Neurology BOX 356465
Neurology, SLU BOX 358055
News and Community Relations - SLU BOX 358046
News and Information, Office of BOX 351207
Northwest Census Data Research Center BOX 353412
Northwest Center for Oral and Facial Surgery BOX 354916
Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health BOX 354695
Northwest Geriatric Education Center BOX 358051
Northwest Research Group on Aging BOX 354917
NTUF Lab (Alec Pakhomov, Paul Wallace, Scott Braswell) BOX 351651
Nuclear Physics Laboratory BOX 354290
Nursing Research BOX 359557
Nursing, School of BOX 357260
Nutritional Sciences, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program BOX 353410
NW 2 East Surgical Specialty Unit, Suite B220 BOX 358844
NW Adminstrations-Operations, Suite X306 BOX 358813
NW Adult Psych Unit, Suite D6002 BOX 358827
NW Advanced Manual Therapy OPMC, Suite O300 BOX 358818
NW Ambulatory Clinic Operations, Suite X306 BOX 358813
NW Breast Imaging Clinic, Suite W104 BOX 358811
NW Breast Surgery At UW Meridian Pavilion, Suite MP101 BOX 358819
NW Cardiac Diagnosis Center, Suite Y200 BOX 358814
NW Cardiac Procedure Unit, Suite A163 BOX 358801
NW Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic, Suite Y210 BOX 358814
NW Cardio Leadership, Suite A183 BOX 358801
NW Care Management, Suite X301 BOX 358813
NW Central Supply, Suite B250 BOX 358805
NW Childbirth Center, Suite C200 BOX 358806
NW Clinic Informatics, Suite X304 BOX 358813
NW Clinical Engineering, Suite B116 BOX 358804
NW Construction Management, Suite X305 BOX 358813
NW CT Scan, Suite A238 BOX 358803
NW Day Surgery, Suite B220 BOX 358844
NW Diagnostic Imaging Admin / File Room, Suite A245 BOX 358803
NW Digestive Health Clinic, Suite Y105 BOX 358815
NW ECG / EKG, Suite A185 BOX 358801
NW Echo Cardiography & Vascular, Suite A173 BOX 358801
NW Education Services (WISH), Suite E170 BOX 358809
NW EEG, Suite A285 BOX 358803
NW Emergency Room, Suite A150 BOX 358802
NW Employee Health Services, Suite X107 BOX 358813
NW Endoscopy, Suite B233 BOX 358823
NW Financial Counseling, Suite A120 BOX 358821
NW Food & Nutrition, Suite D1046 BOX 358826
NW Fred Hutch Cancer Center MOB G16, Suite WG16 BOX 358811
NW Freestanding Infusion OPMC, Suite O260 BOX 358818
NW General Urology, Suite Y300 BOX 358814
NW Grounds Management, Suite B120 BOX 358841
NW Hand & Elbow Center At UW Meridian Pavilion, Suite MP201 BOX 358819
NW Hand Therapy, Suite MP201 BOX 358819
NW Heart Institute, Suite Y200 BOX 358814
NW Hepatology Clinic, Suite Y105 BOX 358815
NW Infection Prevention, Suite X107 BOX 358813
NW Infectious Disease And Travel Clinic, Suite Y340 BOX 358814
NW Inpatient Services, Suite X110 BOX 358813
NW Internal Medicine Consult Clinic, Suite B274 BOX 358805
NW Interventional Radiology, Suite A242 BOX 358803
NW IV Team, Suite E745R BOX 358834
NW Joint and Hand Clinic, Suite MP201 BOX 358819
NW Kidney Stone Center, Suite Y300 BOX 358814
NW Laboratory Clinical, Suite A200 BOX 358824
NW LTCC4 (Long Term Civil Commitment), Suite D4002 BOX 358808
NW LTCC5 (Long Term Civil Commitment), Suite D5002 BOX 358817
NW LTCC6 (Long Term Civil Commitment), Suite D6002 BOX 358827
NW Mcmurray CV Imaging Ctr, Suite Y200 BOX 358814
NW Medical 5Th Floor, Suite A500 BOX 358830
NW Medical Staff, Suite X201 BOX 358813
NW Medical Surg Extended BOX 358807
NW Midwives Clinic, Suite O190 BOX 358818