Under the procurement reform law (RCW 39.26.110) which became effective on July 1, 2013, State of Washington requires all state employees whose jobs involve “developing, executing or managing procurement or contracts (for goods and services)”, which will be referred to as Procurement Duties throughout this article, to fulfill certain training requirements in order to be able to continue performing their Procurement Duties.  Procurement Services has since undertaken a pilot project with our own staff to assess the overall quality of the State developed procurement training courses in the State’s Learning Management System (LMS) and its potential impact on campus, and have developed the following guidance in regards to this state requirement.

Training Assessment Guidelines

This guideline is designed to help each school/department to assess the amount of training its staff may need in order to comply with the above requirement. Please keep in mind that this is intended to be our recommendation to campus, matching the appropriate training with the amount of time each employee performs Procurement Duties. Each department may require its employees to sign up for additional training as needed.

Low – employees who spend between 10-25% of his/her job performing Procurement Duties:

  • WA-State Small Purchases class, which is a 30 min course that covers the basic definition and elements of a purchasing process
  • WA-State Purchasing and Procurement Ethics, a 40 min course that covers ethics rules and considerations involving procurement activities.

Medium – employees who spend between 25-75% of his/her job performing Procurement Duties:

  • WA-State Contract Management 101 Modules 1-4; each modules last approximately 40 min and has an assessment test at the end.  This series goes over the basic principles of contracting and vendor management.
  • Washington State Purchasing and Procurement Ethics.

High – employees who spend between 75-100% of his/her job performing Procurement Duties:

  • WA-State Purchasing and Procurement 101 Modules 1-4; this training is designed for full time procurement staff who manages procurement and contract as his/her primary job duties.  Each course last between 45 min – 1 Hour plus an assessment test for each Module.
  • Washington State Purchasing and Procurement Ethics.

There are at least two advantages by utilizing the LMS to fulfill this training requirement:

  1. These are online e-learning courses so each employee can complete the lessons at his/her own time and pace
  2. Training activities for each employee will be captured in his/her training profile, thereby eliminating the need for each department to keep a separate record of the same

Please follow these steps to gain access to the LMS:

  1. Each school/department should appoint a central training coordinator who will be responsible for managing the enrollment process for both existing employees and future employees.  This process should be included as part of the department’s new employee onboarding procedures, and transition plan in the event of staff turnover.
  2. The training coordinator will need to contact Ms. Cheryl Shaw (cheryl.shaw@des.wa.gov), Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Training Manager to request enrollment in the LMS for all the applicable staff.  Ms. Shaw will then provide an Excel worksheet for the Training Coordinator to populate with the names and email addresses of all the staff who needs to enroll.  The completed excel worksheet will need to be returned to Ms. Shaw to complete the process.
  3. Once getting the confirmation email from the LMS, each employee can log in to the LMS and begin training. 
  4. For more details about the LMS and this training requirement, go to the State DES Training and Development website.

DES Training FAQs

Any question regarding this guidance, please contact Ray Hsu at Procurement Services (rayhsu@uw.edu).