How to Buy Furniture:

Buying furniture at the University of Washington has been greatly streamlined through the use of eProcurement. Here are a few instructions to get you started:

Simple furniture purchases using department budgets and minor work orders.

examples: Task chairs, Lateral Files, etc.
Log into eProcurement, select the furniture supplier and order the furniture.  If you have difficulties, contact eProcurement.

Simple furniture purchases or those requiring design assistance from the supplier and using department budgets.

examples: simple workstations or training room, etc.

  1. Contact the eProcurement contracted Furniture Supplier and obtain a quote.
  2. Log into eProcurement and retrieve your quote
  3. Place the eProcurement order.

Furniture as part of remodeling projects under $90,000 (using 40 budgets)

Contact Campus Alterations

Furniture as part of new construction or remodeling projects over $90,000 (using 40 Budgets)

Contact Capital Projects


Frequently asked questions about Furniture Procurement

Where to Start?

What furniture products are available to purchase for UW offices?
See the UW Contracts page to see the common furniture products on a UW contract.
Is there a furniture supplier contract list that describes the type of furniture each supplier sells?
See the UW Contracts page for current contracted suppliers and products.
How can I get the best furniture price?
Use UW Supplier contracts for the best pricing. Some supplier contracts offer discounted pricing for large orders.
How do I get new or relocated power and data along with the new furniture?
Request a Work Order in FS Works.
Will the furniture supplier work with me to determine the best color finishes that will match existing carpet and paint colors?
Check with the supplier. Some may provide assistance and may charge for the design time.
When do I need to ask for furniture design assistance?
The earlier the better since furniture orders may require 60 days or more from the date of order.
How do I get design assistance?
You can request design from a selected supplier, Design Services, or through your Project Manager and a selected Interior Designer.
When do I need to enter my project in Tracker?
If your project is over $90,000 in construction cost, and authorized representative from your department can request a project.
Can I buy furniture directly if its part of a building project?
Consult with your Project Manager who is managing the project budget.
What is an Interiors Project?
It is a minor remodeling project involving finishes, furniture and minor remodeling work. Work does not require major mechanical work or a general Contractor. Contact Design Services directly for assistance or enter the project in Tracker with a request for Design Services.
Are there furniture showrooms available to view the furniture and/or test out ergonomic task chairs?
University contract suppliers can provide sample chairs and most have local showrooms.
How do I know the design advice I receive is not just sales of one product line?
Suppliers represent their products and product lines. To receive an independent design recommendation for all UW contracted suppliers and available products, select Design Services or an Interior Designer through a Capital Projects Project Manager.

Order and Tracking

Can I purchase furniture directly?
Yes. See the Self-Service Furniture Procurement Method.
When do I need a Purchase Order Number?
In all cases except when using a ProCard or eProcurement.
Do I need to have a quote first if I am seeking to obtain a Purchase Order?
Who prepares the furniture description for an order?
Whoever is designing; you, you and the vendor, Design Services or an outside Interior Designer.
How do I get a furniture quote?
Ask each supplier to provide. You may have multiple suppliers for different furniture items.
How do I track my furniture order after the order has been placed?
For Self-Service options, contact the supplier or use Purchasing/s PAS system. Refer to your Furniture Procurement Method "Who tracks the order?"
What happens if there are department changes in the middle of a furniture purchase / order that require changes to be made to the furniture layout / design?
Contact your supplier if using Self-Service or contact your design representative.

Delivery & Installation

When will my furniture arrive?
Typically eight to ten weeks after the order has been placed.  Some suppliers may offer selected products on a quick ship program..
What if I'm not ready for the furniture when it arrives?
The supplier may agree to store the furniture for a short time (possibly up to one month) without fee. Longer storage durations will incur storage fees.
How is the furniture delivery date coordinated with the construction completion?
Coordination is provided by you (Self-Help) or by your Project Manager.
What if there is a problem with the delivered furniture?
Make a note of the problem(s) on the deliver order, provide the marked order to the vendor and keep a copy for your files.  Confirm the work is repaired or replaced before approving the vendor's invoice.
What is a punch list?
Common term used for a list of corrective work items created after installation.

Payment and Warranty

Is there a standard warranty on furniture products? How are furniture warranty issues handled?
Yes, typically commercial office furniture carries a minimum 10 year warranty.  Purchasing (Self-Help), Design Services, or your Interior Designer (SPO/Tracker) will assist in warranty issues based on your selected procurement method.
When does the Supplier get paid?
After the furniture has been delivered, installed, punch list items addressed and the installation is approved.
Who authorizes the payment to the supplier?
You (Self-Help), Design Services, or your Project Manager.