Primary Contract


  • Linde (f.k.a.Praxair) holds the University-wide master contract as the University’s primary supplier for compressed and liquid gases. Linde is the only gas supplier whose products are available through an Ariba catalog.
  • Linde’s products are available through the Linde catalog within Ariba. Log into Ariba to view all products.
  • Linde is currently the only supplier authorized by Environmental Health and Safety to provide toxic gases to campus, and is the recommended supplier for all other gases. Ordering and approval of toxic gas products can now be done through an automated process via eProcurement.
  • Questions about Linde products may be directed to Linde at 800-624-7033 or email:
  • Primary Linde contact: Elizabeth Rose office:  (253) 620-1649 cell: (253) 318-1960

Secondary Contract


  • A contract is available with Airgas, Inc., as a secondary source for gases. Orders should be placed via the Airgas website, located at:, or by phone. Airgas products are not available through an Ariba catalog.
  • Airgas orders are to be paid via ProCard or Non-PO Invoice. Do not use non-catalog or BPO to place an Airgas order.
  • Questions about Airgas products may be directed to Airgas at (206) 621-8400.
  • Airgas contact: Har Dang 206-930-5703

Safety Requirements

Departments are reminded that compressed and liquid gas purchases are subject to Environmental Health and Safety regulations.

See your lab safety manual or the EH&S web site for more information: