ONR Approval

The University of Washington purchasing system received approval from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) having successfully completed ONR’s Contractor Procurement System Review (CPSR). The audit focus is on purchases made with federal funds.

The current ONR approval is effective through August 19, 2024. This approval is documented in ONR correspondence date August 19, 2021.

What is CPSR approval?

Because the UW receives over $800 million in federal grants and contracts, our purchasing system is audited by the federal government every three years. By having a federally approved purchasing system, our ability to obtain federal grants and contracts is greatly enhanced. An approved purchasing system means that we are in compliance with federal procurement statutes, applicable state laws, and internal purchasing policies and procedures. The CPSR is conducted by an Office of Naval Research (ONR) audit team, on behalf of the federal government, every three years.

What does an ONR audit team look for in a CPSR review?

  • Adequate controls to ensure that federal funds are spent responsibly
  • Fair and open competitive procurement processes
  • Adherence to mandatory procurement rules and regulations
  • Opportunities for small, disadvantaged businesses

What positive impact does this have on the UW?

  • Improves our ability to obtain federal funds
  • Assures federal agencies and federal contractors who award grants and contracts that the UW is a responsible awardee.
  • Having an approved small business program demonstrates that the UW is providing opportunities for small, disadvantaged businesses.
  • Validation that UW Purchasing provides its clients with the best value for the right product, while maintaining required level of competition and adherence to all rules and regulations – guarding its clients from any negative repercussions that could be caused by non-compliance