Department Outreach Request Form

Does your department need training that's related to a particular Procurement subject?  The Procurement Services Training Team would like to help.  If your department meets the Outreach criteria below, then please fill out the webform below.


  • A minimum of five department individuals will be participating in the Outreach event (A minimum of five is preferable, but under five people may be accommodated)
    • If there are less than five individuals wanting to participate, but you know of others in a different department that would like to take the same training, please include that in the Comments section of the webform below. 
  • Will participate via Zoom
  • The Outreach topic will cover one of the topics in the list below 

If you have questions or need help with a specific transaction, or buying/paying/invoice situation, please contact the team for assistance.

For training resources related to the topics, please visit the UW Finance Portal in UW Connect.