The University of Washington Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct is intended to require UW suppliers to ensure that goods and services provided to the University are produced in a manner consistent with the University's objective to conduct its business affairs in a socially responsible, sustainable and ethical manner consistent with the University’s educational, research and service missions.

The Code provides guidance for socially responsible business practices and describes the University’s expectations for Supplier policies and actions regarding labor standards, human rights, sustainability, ethics, health and safety and diversity.

Where an individual or organization believes that a University of Washington supplier has not acted in accordance with the University of Washington Supplier Code of Conduct, they are encouraged to submit a complaint through this intake form to allow the University of Washington to investigate the allegation. Although contact information is not required to submit a complaint, if the submitter wishes to allow the University of Washington to contact them regarding additional information or details, the submitter is encouraged to provide at least one method of contact.