Structuring Electronic Files

A guide on how to create and maintain a digital filing system. Includes tips on figuring out what you have, keeping records organized and easily found by your entire office. Learn how to:

  • Involve your stakeholders
  • Analyze existing records
  • Develop a new filing system
  • Inform users/training
  • Implement and purge annually

Measure Email Volume in Outlook

Use these step-by-step instructions to measure the volume of your email in Outlook. Knowing your email volume will help you focus your energy when you're cleaning out ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Transitory emails), can help you demonstrate success after a cleanup, and can help you choose how to structure your Inbox folders in the future.

Off Boarding at the UW

Leaving the University? From a records management standpoint, there are a few steps to complete prior to your exit. Ensure records are maintained for their full retention period and records on destruction hold because of a public records request, audit, or litigation remain accessible until the matter is resolved.