Basic Lodging Expense
County Search (when city is not listed for Domestic locations)
CONUS (contiguous United States and District of Columbia) Standard Rates
Foreign and Non-Contiguous Locations

Actual lodging expenses are compared to the allowable lodging per diem rates and are based on dates and locations entered in the Expense Report (ER). See lodging Guidelines and Policies.

Basic Lodging Expense

  • select Lodging Per Diem from Add Item box
  • select appropriate Travel Destination
  • indicate Check In/Out Dates from the calendar or enter
  • enter actual Daily Rate and Taxes paid
  • click Select to find lodging per diem rate for the location


  • select a search criteria option from Field pull down menu; search defaults to City
  • select appropriate Effective/Expiration Dates and Season Start/End
  • example below shows appropriate Effective/Expiration Dates and Season Start/End period for travel to San Francisco during October 25 through November 5, 2008
    • if travel dates expand to two different Season Start/End periods, claim each period as a separate item
    • if different rate each night use a seperate line item for each rate



Actual daily rate plus taxes are automatically calculated by the number of nights. If actual daily rate is over the allowable maximum lodging per diem rate, a justification is required.

TIP: If actual lodging expense is over the 150% allowance, the only two appropriate justifications are Conference Hotel and Non-UW traveler.



elodging3 elodging2


Click Edit to enter appropriate budget(s) for this expense or click Done to continue entering other items.


  • budget(s) may be entered as Mass Edit after all items have been input
  • enter an Override Amount to claim less than actual expense