Qualified prospective employees may be reimbursed travel expenses related to their employment interview. See RCW 43.03.130

Qualified Prospective Employees

  • prospective employees are limited to applicants being considered for academic positions above the rank of instructor, or professional, or administrative employees in supervisory positions.

  • with prior written approval from an authorized person. Prospective employee travel expenses for a classified position may be reimbursed when the classified position is essential to carrying out the critical work of a department. 

Before the Trip

How to Arrange Travel  

  • contact sponsoring department for specifics on arranging travel on your behalf
  • you may arrange your own travel

How to Pay for Travel

Departments may use UW purchasing methods or you may pay for your own travel. 

See Reimbursement Guidelines



Departments are responsible for providing the ER print version to travelers not on UW payroll for review. The traveler must sign the ER print version beneath the Traveler’s Certification Statement and return it to the department (via mail, email, fax, or scan).

Once the signed ER print version has been received, the preparer can electronically attach this certification statement and approve the ER.  In this case the traveler will not receive an email because they are not a UW employee. The preparer will be the last approver on the approval flow. They will receive an email that says Action Required just as the Compliance and Funding approver did. The preparer's approval is attesting the signature of the visitor's has been received and electronically attached in Ariba.