Click here to review the department responsibilities when handling Tango Cards.

What is Tango Card?

Tango Card is an email gift card that can be used to pay research subjects.  Internet access will be needed by the research subject to redeem gift card(s).  The subject can choose to purchase gift card(s) from a variety of vendors online.  Tango only works with vendors that do not charge fees, and the gift cards provided by the vendors never expire.

Fees - Although there is no fee to order, there is a $25 per reward/card number  cancellation fee with a $250 maximum.  Should you place an order and decide to cancel it, depending upon how may Tango e-Gift cards you have ordered, there will be a fee ranging from $25 - $250.

The Tango Card order process has changed

All orders for Tango Cards for research participants are now placed in ARIBA. For detailed instructions on the new process click here.

What vendors are available to choose from with a Tango gift card?

To see a list of vendors for the Tango Card, please click here. Only the cards found at this link are available if you have a Tango card.

Customer Service

For UW internal customers/studies - Contact (Do not email/call Tango directly)

For Participants who already received the Card Numbers/PINs - Contact Tango 1.877.558.2646  M-F  7:30 am - 5 pm PST