What are Catalog Purchases?

Catalog purchases use UW Contracts for established pricing, terms and discounts designed to offer the best overall value to customers. Ordering through catalogs in Workday is the fastest order method and the recommended first choice for purchasing goods at the UW. 

What to Know About Catalogs

Who can order?

Any employee with a "Requisition Requester" security role in Workday

How Does the process work?

  • Requisition Requester creates a requisition
  • The requisition is approved by department funding approver
  • Order will be sent to the supplier 
  • Supplier will ship items
  • Supplier will submit invoices through Workday
  • Invoices can be viewed on the order in Workday


In the UW Connect Finance Portal you will find:


    Available Catalogs:

    • Fisher Scientific
    • ODP Business Solutions
    • VWR International 
    • Sigma Aldrich
    • CDW Government Inc
    • New England Biolabs Inc
    • WW Grainger
    • Dell Marketing
    • Henry Schein
    • Qiagen
    • Medline Industries
    • Neta Scientific
    • Workspace Development LLC (formerly OpenSquare)
    • Roche Diagnostics
    • Guy Brown

    When to use Catalogs:

    • Should be considered the first buying method option when making purchases
    • On-demand ordering
    • Contracted suppliers
    • Fastest delivery

    Benefits​ of Catalogs:

    • Volume and non-volume pricing discounts
    • Better return policies
    • Dedicated support staff
    • No dollar threshold
    • No Sole Source justification required
    • Some catalogs support the ability to convert a quote into an order. Check the Contract Search or the supplier's catalog home page for the supplier sales representatives to request quotes and ask questions about products in and out of the catalog. Some suppliers can add items not found in the catalog to a quote for a catalog order.
    • Some catalogs have a function to check status of the order (Order Status, Find my Order, Order History)