Individual Travel Card Overview


  • The Individual Travel Card is an individual liability card for faculty and staff while in travel status 
  • The default single transaction limit is $5000
  • Transactions are restricted to travel related merchants
  • Full payment of the balance is required by next billing statement
  • Using the ITC for personal use is a violation of the Washington State Ethics Act and may result in the immediate cancellation of the card.   


  • Flexibility for frequent travelers
  • No Annual fee
  • The card is accepted at more than 16 million merchants worldwide
  • Lost Baggage coverage up to $1250
  • Collision damage insurance up to the full value of the rental car


  • Expected to take at least 2 business trips per year
  • UW Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for an individual travel card with department/unit approval.
  • Watch the Individual Travel Card eLearning with a passing score of 11/12 on the assessment.
  • Must abide by all Washington State & UW Purchasing regulations when purchasing with the ITC.

New Application Process

Step 1: Watch the Individual Travel Card eLearning

Step 2: Pass the assessment (with a minimum score of 11/12). 

Step 3: Complete the UW Connect Card Services Form to apply.

NOTE: Email notice will be sent to the cardholder when the card arrives in the ProCard office, typically in 7-10 business days.

Renewal Process  

ProCard office will NOT be sending notifications to ITC cardholders when their card is expiring. It will be the responsibility of the cardholder to take the assessment prior to the expiration date (every 3 years).

If there has been no activity in 18 months and the assessment has not been taken, your renewal travel card will automatically be cancelled. 

Required Action: Approximately 6 weeks prior to your card expire date, watch the Individual Travel Card eLearning and complete the assessment with a minimum score of 11/12.