Managing the Revolving Fund

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Monthly Reconciliation and Replenishment Request

Filling Out a Replenishment Request

Replenishment requests should be submitted for processing on a MONTHLY basis. This can be done through the "Revolving Fund Account Management Request" form in UW Connect Finance Portal.

Past due accounts may be subject to account closure.

Please scan and attach the following items:

  • Scan in any receipts associated with the replenishment
  • A copy of the full bank statement used to reconcile the bank account

Do not attach documents containing confidential, personal or restricted data in accordance with UW Privacy Data classifications. 

Please contact us at if you would like further information.


Allowable Expenses

Payments Allowed on a Revolving Fund
  • Payments to a research subject for participating in a study
  • Payments for food for research subjects (if allowable on budget)
  • Payments for travel for research subjects (if allowable on budget)
  • Reimbursements to research subjects for study related expenses
Examples of Payments not Allowed on a Revolving Fund
  • Services from individuals, LLCs or Partnerships. Some examples would include consulting, interpreters, catering, repairs, photography, and independent contractors
  • Payments to attorneys and lawyers
  • Honorarium and stipends
  • Rent
  • Payments to Foreign Nationals, including payments for visas
  • Payments for healthcare provided to an individual (unless this is reported as a research subject or necessary for work)
  • Reimbursements of any kind to a UW employee.  Please refer to Expense Reports.
*Note* All payments made to research subjects are tax reportable.  Please click HERE for 1099 reporting requirements and due dates.

Documentation for the Revolving Fund Reconciliation

Below are the types of documentation that should be presented in a request for reimbursement of an advanced account:

Research Subject Payments

Payments to research subjects for participation or reimbursements associated with the study are allowable. Please do not include study participant names on you expenditure form. Campus departments are to keep the names and payments to individuals documented within their department based on your sponsor's requirements. For further questions, please see Research Subject Payments for further information.

Reimbursements Paid to Research Subjects

In order for an advance account to reimburse a research subject,  the individual must provide a valid original receipt for allowable expenses made with their personal funds. The vendor name must be stamped or printed on the receipt. The date, amount and description may be handwritten, if necessary. A receipt should include the following information:

  • Date
  • Place
  • Vendor Name
  • Amount
  • Description of items purchased
  • For receipts in languages other than English, a few words describing the expenditure
  • The receipt or invoice must be marked as "paid" or "$0.00" due
Key Deposits (discontinued)

Key deposit returns should be signed by the recipient showing that the deposit was returned.

Mileage for Research Subjects

Include a mileage log. Miscellaneous items purchased while traveling require receipts.  Please do not include the names of the study participants.

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Increase/Decrease Your Revolving Fund

To increase or decrease the revolfing fund, use the "Revolving Fund Account Management Request" form in UW Connect Finance Portal.

Increasing a Revolving Fund

The ideal balance for a revolving fund should be twice the average monthly expenditures. Depending on project activity, it may be determined that the advance amount should be permanently or temporarily increased or decreased.

Decreasing a Revolving Fund via Spend Down

The spending will be recorded to a fund, but a reimbursement will not be processed.  This will reduce the amount of the revolving fund. 

Decreasing a Revolving Fund via Check

Write a check from the revolving fund account payable to the University of Washington. Send the check in the campus mail to Box 354967 with a memo requesting the check be used to reduce the fund.  Follow up with an email to indicating a check is the mail. Do not include this check on a reimbursement request. 

*Note* Please write the check(s) within your check writing limit. For example, if your check writing limit is $500 and you are decreasing your balance by $2,000, you will be required to write four checks for $500 each.  If you do not know your check writing limit, please email  Checks written above the check writing limit will be returned by the bank.

Cancel, Void, Stop Payment or Stale Dated Check

To cancel, void, stop payment or state date a check, use the "Revolving Fund Account Management Request" form in UW Connect Finance Portal.

Cancel the Check

A research subject has contacted you and states they did not receive their payment.

First, verify the check has not cleared your bank account.  Once that has been done, obtain a written request from the research subject stating why the check needs to be reissued and make a notation in your accounting records.  Cancel or put a stop payment on the check online with Wells Fargo or Bank of America. There is a fee associated for this service, refer to fees. Do not process a reimbursement for the replacement check if the canceled check has already been reimbursed.


Void a Check

A voided check is a check that you have in-hand and it has an error associated with it.  Write "Void" on the check across the payee line, the signature line and the amount box.  Keep a copy for audit records. 


Stop Payment

When placing a stop on a Research Subject incentive check, either contact or utilize the online banking system.  If you need access to the online banking, contact for assistance.



Stale Dated Checks

A check that has not been cashed for 6+ months is considers to be stale dated.  Stale dated checks are to be reported through the stale dated process. Departments with revolving funds should review stale dated checks monthly.

To submit stale dated checks fill out, attach and email this sheet to 

Remember, do not ask for reimbursement of these checks as they were already reimbursed at the time the check was written.  Furthermore, Campus budgets are not credited back for payments that are considered to be stale dated as the payment is still due to the research subject. Stale dating checks is required by the State of Washington in conjunction with Unclaimed Property reporting.


Update Stakeholders

Please use the "Revolving Fund Management Request form in UW Connect Finance Portal to update:

  • Check Signer
  • Approver
  • Contact
  • Reconciler

Closing a Revolving Fund Account

When ready to close the account, please contact the Revolving Fund desk to receive detailed instructions and guidelines. Request a close through the "Revolving Fund Management Request form in UW Connect Finance Portal.