Competitive Solicitations Notices

The UW utilizes the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) to post notices for competitive solicitations over $100,000 and occasionally for solicitations between $10,000 and $99,999. The notices posted in WEBS contain details related to the solicitation type, size and scope, instructions regarding the timeline and method required to submit a bid, and contact information.

Some solicitations are managed electronically through the SAP Business Network (also known as Ariba Network). In order to view the complete solicitation and respond to WEBS postings from the University, suppliers may be required to register in the Ariba Network.  There is no fee for registering in the Ariba Network. Pre-registering on the Ariba Network prepares suppliers to respond to University solicitations and can save time when responding to future solicitations.

Current Contracting Opportunities (updated 10-6-2021)

Catering Pool Refresh.  The University is updating our list of approved caterers and food service providers.  If you would like to be considered, please complete our Catering Questionnaire. Thank you.

Submitting a Bid

  • Read all requirements in a bid thoroughly and refer questions to the UW Buyer named in the document prior to the deadlines specified in the bid document.
  • Pay close attention to the instructions in the solicitation regarding when and how to submit offers.
  • Any questions regarding the solicitation should be directed to the UW Buyer named in the solicitation.
  • Bids must be received by the date and time indicated in the solicitation document. Depending on the type of solicitation, late offers will not be considered.

Bid Openings

  •  Procurement Services solicitations do not include a public bid opening. 
  • Responses to Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information will not be read at a public opening.

Complaint and Protest Procedure

Solicitations posted to WEBS shall include complaint and protest procedures in compliance with RCW 39.26.170. Complaints address issues with the solicitation and must be submitted and responded to prior to the deadline for submissions.  Protests address issues with the award after the apparent successful bidder is announced.

Public Review of Bid Responses

Bid responses for goods, services and supplies are available for public review in accordance with State public disclosure laws after an award is made. All bid files are maintained by bid number only. The bid number must be cited in any request for information. For more information, visit the Office of Public Records website.