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Travel Services

Payment Options & Tracking

Workday Payment Options
Incorrect/Lost/Damaged Check Procedure
Payment Tracking

Workday Payment Options

Direct Deposit

  • Processed by the Integrated Service Center (ISC) using Workday
  • Limited to active UW employees only 
  • Payment is sent the next business day after final approval is given on the expense report. Deposits typically takes 2-5 business days once payment is sent. 
  • Direct deposit will default to the account the employee has set for payroll
  • In Workday, an employee can set a different account to be set for travel direct deposit: 


  • Process by Mailing Services in UW Creative Communications
  • This option is available for all traveler types
  • Can be mailed domestically or foreign
  • For Non-employee travelers, a Miscellaneous Payment Payee must be created. See instructions on how to create this type of Payee on the Miscellanous Payment Job Aid, Pages 2-4.

Incorrect/lost/damage check procedure: 
  • Email with the check # and Expense Report # or Miscellaneous Payment #
  • Once the check has been canceled, a new expense report or miscellaneous payment must be processed to reissue the check
  • To expedite, the 'copy' function can be used on the previous ER. Note that all attachments & comments will need to be re-added. Here are the instructions: 
    • Go to the Expenses App, click on Expense Reports, choose 'Approved' in the status field
    • Select the Expense Report by clicking on the Related Actions icon (do not actually open the report)
    • Under Expense Report, click on the 'copy' button
    • A new copy of ER will open or you can find the new copy in your drafts under My Expense Reports
    • Please attach all of the required receipts/documents, as they won’t be automatically copied
    • Please re-input line item details and all overall comments, as they won’t be duplicated either


  • Processed by UW Accounts Payable 
  • Payments are limited to foreign nationals with foreign banks
  • A 15$ fee is charged to the budget(s) used for this type of payment
    • When there are multiple budgets on the same expense report, it charges each budget proportionally based on $ amount. 
      • EX: Budget A payed for 2/3rds of the report and Budget B 1/3rd, $10 will be charged to Budget A and $5 to Budget B
  • Wire payments typically have longer processing times then the other payment options. Further delays can be based on central office processing times due to high volume. 
  • Make sure to attach the required Wire Form as required by Accounts Payable: 

Payment Tracking

  • Once an expense report has been fully processed, payment information can be determined by coming back to the expense report after a couple business days. 
  • The information is shown below the summary in the 'Expense Report' section