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Payment Options & Tracking

Ariba eTravel (Expense Report) Payment Options
Incorrect/Lost/Damaged Check Procedure
Payment Tracking
Ariba eTravel (Expense Report) Travel Profile

Ariba eTravel (Expense Report) Payment Options

Direct Deposit

  • Processed by the Integrated Service Center (ISC) using Workday
  • Limited to active UW employees only 
  • Payment is sent the next business day after final approval is given on the expense report. Deposits typically takes 2-5 business days once payment is sent. 
  • Direct deposit will default to the account the employee has set for payroll
  • In Workday, an employee can set a different account to be set for travel direct deposit: 


  • Process by Mailing Services in UW Creative Communications
  • This option is available for all traveler types
  • Can be mailed domestically or foreign
  • Make sure to put all pertinent information in the address box on the expense report and don't carry it over into the comment section. These are all processed automatically and the system does not interpret any information in the comments for mailing purposes: 

Incorrect/lost/damage check procedure: 
  • Email with the check # and expense report (ER) #
  • Once check has been cancelled, a new expense report must be processed to reissue the check
  • To expedite, the 'copy' function can be used on the previous ER. Note that all attachments & comments will need to be re-added. Here are the instructions: 
    • Locate the previous Expense Report by searching for it
    • Select the Expense Report by marking the check-box to the left of it (do not actually open the report)
    • Click on the 'copy' button, which will be right below
    • Click the travel tab at the top of Ariba, the copy report will be in the 'My Documents' section of your dashboard
    • Please attach all of the required receipts/documents, as they won’t be automatically copied
    • Please re-create line item comments and overall comments, as they won’t be duplicated either


  • Processed by UW Accounts Payable 
  • Payments are limited to foreign nationals with foreign banks
  • A 15$ fee is charged to the budget(s) used for this type of payment
    • When there are multiple budgets on the same expense report, it charges each budget proportionally based on $ amount. 
      • EX: Budget A payed for 2/3rds of the report and Budget B 1/3rd, $10 will be charged to Budget A and $5 to Budget B
  • Wire payments typically have longer processing times then the other payment options. Further delays can be based on central office processing times due to high volume. 
  • Make sure to attach the required Wire Form as required by Accounts Payable: 

Payment Tracking

  • Once an expense report has been fully processed, payment information can be determined by coming back to the expense report after a couple business days. 
  • The information is shown below the summary in the 'payment details' section

Ariba eTravel (Expense Report) Travel Profile

  • The purpose of the travel profile is to save time on manual entry in the expense report
  • Once a travel profile is finalized for a traveler it will auto populate information for that traveler
    • Home/duty station
    • Payment selection
How to create: 

How to make changes: 
  • To make changes to a previous submitted travel profile, create a new travel profile following the above steps. There is no way to edit a previous travel profile, a new one must be processed to overwrite the previous information.