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Travel Services

Finance Transformation

Travel-Related Impacts
Clarification regarding the taxation for Non-UW Employee Travelers
Cutover Communications

Travel-related Impacts due to Finance Transformation (Workday Finance): 

  • UW Academy (UWA) - Encumbrance Accounting will be available
  • Workday Mobile Application
    • Travelers will be able to scan and submit receipts while they are traveling 
  • New Workday Security Roles
    • UWA Shared Environment Requisition Specialist - Non-Travel Reimbursement Requests
    • UWA SE Expense Specialist - Travel Expense Reports
    • UW Medicine (UWM) Expense Specialist - Non-Travel & Travel Reimbursement Requests
    • Purchasing Specialist - if needed for Non-Travel Ad hoc Approvals
  • Payment Approval Requests
    • Approval Process is automated through WD
    • Traveler Approval - No longer required
    • Ad hoc Approver - No longer available
    • New Expense Data Entry Specialist Role - Ability to create ER on behalf of traveler
  • Non-UW Employee Traveler Update
    • All Non-UW Travelers will be reimbursed through the Miscellaneous Payment Module
    • All Non-UW Travelers will be 1099 reportable

Clarification regarding the taxation for Non-UW Employee Travelers

The policies related to the tax treatment of non-employee travel reimbursements have remained the same. In the previous state, Ariba guides the departments to submit information to help ensure compliance with the Accountable Plan and exemption from 1099 status.

During the February Travel Information Meeting/Travel Forum (Demo & Details), it was mentioned that in Workday's future state, 1099's would be issued for all non-employee travel reimbursements. Recognizing the issuance of 1099's for all non-employee reimbursements would be a substantive change compared to the current state where most reimbursements are 1099 exempt and pass a compliance review. 

Our office (Travel Services) and the Tax Office have partnered with FT Design members to develop the "Non-employee travel form for misc payment" Form that will provide the appropriate detail needed to identify non-employee travelers who meet the Accountable Plan, pass a compliance review, and are exempt from 1099 status.  Instructions on how to ensure a Miscellaneous Payee does not receive a 1099 for a non-UW Employee Travel payment are on the Miscellaneous Payment Job Aid (Page 9). 

*Please note that all policies in the current state will not change in the future state.

Cutover Communications:

  • Ariba Freeze & Read-Only (No Ariba Activities): June 16-July 6
  • Submit & Fully Approve for All ERs: June 12th
  • Request Per Diem Advances: No advances with travel end dates past 5/15
  • Reconcile Per Diem Advances: June 12th
  • Go-Live Date: July 6



  • Future State Focus - Exploring Finance Transformation changes in eTravel (Ariba) and expense reports
  • On The Horizon:- Future state Workday demonstrations showing expense report design and functionality
  • Travel Forum (Demo & Details) - End-to-end (E2E) process area, change impact overview, Visio process flow for Travel expense reports (UWA & UWM)