How to change from Color printing to B&W printing:

NOTE: This is only for the Gould Hall and Parrington Hall printers in which case their print drivers for B&W printing and Color printing are the same.

  1. Go to Devices and Printers.
  2. Right-click the printer for the popup and click printer preferences.
  3. The pop-up is below - Click on the dropdown menu for Color/Black and White.
  4. Click Black and White.
  5. Click Apply. 
    REMINDER: For single sided printing, please follow the instruction below under How to Change a Print Job from Double-Sided to Single-Sided.


How to Change a Print Job from Double-Sided to Single-Sided:

Printing Guide - 2-Sided (Default Setting) to 1-Sided Printing

  • Windows Print Dialog
    1. Click Print Preview or Print Icon
    2. Click Properties
    3. Switch 2-Sided off and click ok on both pop-ups


  • Adobe Acrobat
    1. Click Print Preview or Print Icon on PDF interface
    2. Uncheck Print on both sides of paper and click Print

  • Browser - Chrome
    1. Click Print on Browser or right-click -> Print
    2. Uncheck Two-Sided and click Print

  • Windows - Microsoft Office 2010/2013
    1. Go to File -> Print or use the printer icon shortcut
    2. Under Pages, click the bar to bring up the drop down menu
    3. Select Print One-Sided and click Print

  • Mac - Office 2011

1. File -> Print

2. From pop-up, click Copies & Pages

3. From drop down menu, click Layout

4. Turn Two-Sided Off and Hit Print (If you want to save the Preset so you don't have to continue to do these steps every time you want to print single-sided, follow the next two steps)

5. From Preset drop down menu, click Save Current Settings as Preset...

6. Name the Preset "Single-Sided" and click on all printers and hit ok

  • This Preset can be used to print single-sided on all campus printers



  • Mac Print Dialog

1. Right-click the web page and click print

2. Uncheck the print double-sided for single-sided printing