The University of Washington's recommended payment method is by payment card, also known as ePayables.

The University of Washington has partnered with Bank of America to offer a card payment program, called ePayables, to the University’s suppliers.  This is the University’s preferred method of payment and is part of a campus-wide effort to reduce paper waste, exposure to check fraud and decrease the amount of time to pay to our suppliers.

Payment Enrollment

Enrolling in electronic payment is the next step in the UW Supplier Registration process. All new suppliers are required to register as a UW supplier through our Supplier Registration Form. In the form, supplier will choose their payment method. When bank card is selected, the information provided in the form will be used to set up a bank card through Bank of America to issue payment on behalf of UW. 

Bank Card Assignment

Once suppliers who selected the ePayables bank card method of payment are entered into the UW supplier system, they will receive a notification that the ePayables bank card will be assigned within seven business days. Questions or concerns about the program should use this notification to reply to our Vendor Control team. Suppliers will receive the account information at the time they are paid by receiving a secure email from Bank of America, which will contain a hyperlink to login to the remittance from Bank of America and view the account and payment information.  

How It Works

UW current payment terms and conditions apply.

Once an invoice is approved for payment, a secure electronic remittance advice email will be sent to the supplier.

The remittance detail will include invoice numbers, dates and amounts for invoices as well as the bank card number and expiration date to be processed using a merchant terminal.

Important Things to Know
  • There are no fees imposed by the UW as part of this process. Payments will be processed as credit card transactions, so your standard merchant fees will apply, which may not be added to the payment issued. 
  • The bank card is only available for U.S. suppliers; payments cannot be charged outside the U.S.
  • Your company will be issued a card number, expiration date and CVV number; for data security, you will receive some details in a welcome email from UW, while other card details are included in the secure email from when the first payment is made. No physical card will be mailed.
  • The card is set up with a zero ($0.00) balance and will be funded when payment is approved by the University of Washington.
  • Payment must be taken in the exact amount issued and the oldest remittance must be processed first; payments may not be taken in partial amounts.
  • The ePayables card can be funded for any amount; contact your merchant bank to inquire about any merchant terminal limits your account may have.
  • More than one email address can receive the card payment remittance; email to request additions or changes to your company remittance email address. 
  • If the CVV code is required to process payment, please email Procurement Customer Service at