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Procurement Services forums provide the UW Academy updates on department, university, state, and federal purchasing policies, procedures, and requirements. Forums also provide tools and resources accompanying these changes to ensure that the UW Academy has the appropriate tools and knowledge to adapt to these new changes and requirements as they arise.

Content for forums will be influenced and selected based on UW Academy feedback and requests in addition to procurement-related changes.

Forums are held twice a year, once in the spring (May) and once in the fall (November), and are intended for all interested in staying up to date with our current Procurement work and procedures.

Upcoming Forums:

Due to COVID restrictions, in person forums have been suspended

Prior Forums:

SPRING 2019:  Slide Deck
Recorded Webcast Link:
Major Topics:  Supplier Registration/Foreign Supplier Registration
Guest Business Partner:  UW Financial Transformation


FALL 2018:  Slide Deck
Major Topics:  UW Contracts Search
Guest Business Partner:  Sustainability and Diversity
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