Please Note: The Supplier Search report has moved to the Business Intelligence Portal (B.I. Portal) as of November 1, 2018. The Supplier Search button below provides a direct link to the report in the B.I. Portal. Important: B.I. Portal reports require an ASTRA authorization for the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) application.

What Are Procurement Desktop Reports?

Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) are a suite of web-based reports developed by Procurement Services. The reports draw data from the PAS Data Warehouse nightly and JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet once a month.

Accessing Data in PDR

PDR is an open access system but is only available to those with a staff NetID. Shared and student NetIDs are not allowed. To access the report data you will also need to know your 11-digit organization code.

Available Reports 

Reports are available for various categories of data and are useful to departments for many processes, including: approving payment of invoices, tracking payments, budget reconciliation, assuring appropriate use of department resources, and managing compliance issues. We recommend checking these reports often to assist with your department's reconciliation process.

For a list of current reports available in PDR and a brief summary of what they contain, please go to the Report Directory in PDR.

Best Practices

  • Reports are grouped by category.
  • For a list of frequently-accessed reports, simply go to the My Reports PDR, which is also located in the Report Directory under the Home category.
  • Per request from our users, PDR has been updated to show the full document on the page instead of a partial view. 
  • Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access PDR Reports. Google Chrome does not work with PDR.
  • For Windows users, do not use the Windows Reader app as it does not function properly with the EDMS system. Only use Adobe Reader.