Ariba roles are how the system determines what functions a user can perform in the different modules within Ariba. If you are a current employee with a UW Net ID you will automatically have access to many features in Ariba within a few days of being hired (some exceptions apply). Additional roles are set up in ASTRA by the Authorizer for each department. It is important to note that different modules in Ariba offer different roles. Knowing what roles apply to which module, and what roles you the user have, will make for a smooth transaction when using the Ariba functionality. 

To understand more about ASTRA, and log in, please visit the ASTRA Access Management website.

These roles are straightforward, however they may not provide enough review for departments who are cautious about how their funds are used. Additional roles are available for the different modules to facilitate extra review. 

Roles applicable to Ariba modules that are not assigned by ASTRA:

  • Preparer- The person who initiates the transaction
  • Requester- A user that is entered in the "On Behalf Of" field (catalog or non-catalog) or "Contact" field (BPO)

Ariba Access Policy

Current employees are eligible to access Ariba, including both active employees and employees on leave.

  • Important: ASTRA relies on the Operational Data Store (ODS) for current employment data, which under normal operating conditions is 24-48 hours behind current employment statuses in Workday. If you encounter an error applying authorizations in ASTRA for individuals believed to be new, active employees, please wait 1-2 business days and try the authorization again.

If you are a student without access to Ariba, you must have your Administrator complete the Ariba Access Request form and your Administrator must renew the request for access annually.


To view the Buying (Ariba Catalog, Non-Catalog, and Blanket Purchase Orders) table, click below.

Buying Roles

Example Approval Flow:


Paying (Non-PO Invoice, P2I, eReimbursement)

To view the Paying (Non-PO Invoice, P2I, eReimbursement) table, click below. Paying Roles

Central Office Roles

These are additional roles you may see in your Ariba approval flow. They are roles that might be added for compliance review or issues that central office must review.

To view the Central Office Roles table, click below.

Central Office Roles

Ad Hoc Approvers

Ad Hoc Approver/Watcher is a onetime approver added manually to a single document's approval flow. This role is NOT to be used on Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO) or Receipts on BPOs. Read these important facts and tips about Ad Hoc approvals before using them, found here.

Accessibility Role

The Enhanced Accessibility role provides two links on the top left corner that help navigation and a scroll on lists rather than pages. This is only needed if the user is visually impaired. See FAQ for more information.


Ariba authorization management occurs within the organizational units using ASTRA, allowing the most direct and efficient method for managing multiple roles. Authorization for each User is set up by the unit Authorizer in each department. Authorizers grant users access on either a budget, org code, or commodity level, depending on the Ariba application. 

These roles are designed to search for the closest user authorized for a particular application. Meaning, if there is no user in the desired role for a certain budget or org code, the system will role up to the next levels of the org code structure to find a user. The system will only search up to the first three digits of the org code, i.e.: 123XXXXXXX. It will never search higher than those first three digits. This is true of all roles except for Funding Approver 1 and 2 in the Buying section above. These two roles will only apply to their designated budget or org code and will never look for a user outside of it.


Learn how to set up Ariba authorizations in ASTRA:

*Note that both documents include instructions on how to set up ASTRA authorization for the Alcohol commodity role.