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Ariba Network

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IMPORTANT: On May 21, 2021 the 'Ariba Network' will be referred to as 'SAP Business Network' to encapsulate SAP's many network services under one name. While suppliers may see 'SAP Business Network' when creating a new Ariba Network account, and/or logging into existing Ariba Network account(s), the University of Washington (UW) is still utilizing the 'Ariba Network' service offered by 'SAP Business Network.'

This is a separate additional process from the Supplier Registration Form and Electronic Payment Enrollment steps of supplier onboarding, and may be required if a UW department needs a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO).

Registering for the SAP Business Network (also known as Ariba Network) will allow suppliers to:

  • Receive purchase orders electronically from the University
  • Create and transmit invoices electronically to the University
  • Leverage the full suite of UW buying options, including Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs)
  • Expand business opportunities through exposure to other potential customers using the Ariba Network

There is no commitment or guaranteed business as a result of becoming a registered Ariba or University supplier.

What Suppliers and Subrecipients Need to Know

Suppliers will receive a Trading Relationship Request (TRR) invitation via email containing instructions for either joining the Ariba Network or linking their existing Ariba Network account with UW.

The e-mail invitation will be from "University of Washington <>", with subject line "Connect with University of Washington to Collaborate on the SAP Business Network" and message:

"As a University of Washington (UW) supplier, we are requesting that you join the SAP Business Network (also known as the Ariba network) to transact electronically for purchase orders and invoicing.

If you are new to the Ariba network, enablement consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete your Company Profile
  2. Review & Accept the Terms of Use
  3. Review & Accept Trading Relationship
  4. Configure PO and Invoice Routing and Notification

If you already have an Ariba Network account, you can log-in with your existing account information after clicking "Get started" below.

Please contact UW's Procurement Customer Service team ( or 206.543.4500) for completing the necessary enablement steps.

Click Get started to connect."

Once your account is properly configured, you’ll be ready to transact with UW electronically within two business days. UW will send a purchase order as soon as one is available.

Are you a supplier that received a TRR from UW to join the Ariba Network and have additional questions?

Visit the Ariba Network for Suppliers section of the SAP Business Network website; scroll down to the "Get Started" > "Set Up Your Account" section and click on Create Your Account.

Review the how-to guide for extra assistance in setting up your account.

What Departments Need to Know

If a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) is needed, UW departments must complete the Ariba Network Registration Request webform. 

If a supplier joins the Ariba Network, their transactions in Ariba will change from a manual (email) ordering and invoicing process to an electronic process with less resources needed to place orders and reconcile invoices. UW takes the extra measure of communicating with newly enabled suppliers with a Welcome email.

How To Check If A Supplier Can Be Issued a BPO

Review your preferred supplier on the Supplier Search report (B.I. Portal). and check the "Order From" address type. If the Ready for BPO column shows "Y" (Yes), then the supplier is able to have a BPO issued.

Ariba Network Enablement Timeline and Status

Timeline: If a supplier is sent a Trading Relationship Request (TRR) email from UW inviting them to join the Ariba Network, they must click on the "Get started" button within the email and complete all required Ariba enablement tasks. Because the process is dependent on the supplier completing the steps to create and configure their account, the process can be as short as two business days or take up to several weeks.

Status: Please email for information regarding your supplier’s Ariba Network status.

If the Ready for BPO column in the Supplier Search report shows "N" (No):
  • Non-Catalog Purchase Orders are still available:
    • The supplier's email is required in the "Send PO To" section of the Requisition
  • Non-PO Invoice payments are still available:
  • Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs) are not available:
    • While you can still choose the 'Supplier' when creating a Contract Request (CR), you will not be able to select the 'Supplier Location' to submit the CR.