A current UW Supplier Registration must be on file to do business with the University of Washington.

UW Procurement Services has an online supplier registration portal for U.S. domestic suppliers doing business with the University. To assist with the completion of the Supplier Registration Form (Substitute W-9), please have your current W-9 and other business information available.

Note: For non-U.S.-based (foreign) suppliers, see our Foreign Supplier Purchasing webpage. The UW department contact will initiate the Foreign Supplier Registration Form request to the supplier, who will complete the Foreign Supplier Registration Form and submit it to central office for processing.

Need help? Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the Supplier Registration Form.

Begin the Supplier Registration Form process

When Supplier Registration Form (SRF) is Needed

  • New suppliers receiving first payment from UW
  • Suppliers that were previously registered with UW but have had their information deleted due to lack of use for two years
  • When the business name or taxpayer ID number changes, is missing, or is flagged as not matching IRS records

Note: Supplier registration is required as a prerequisite for doing business with the University of Washington, but should not be interpreted as a method of becoming a preferred supplier. The UW Supplier Registration Form process is distinct and separate from the Washington State WEBS registration requirement; for more information on WEBS registration, please visit our Solicitation Process page.

Supplier Onboarding Timeline

Steps 1-3 below must be completed before any payment can be made to a supplier. A new supplier may receive a supplier number for the UW system, however, no payment can be issued until the full onboarding process has been completed.

Because the full process involves multiple parties and UW process partners, we are advising all new suppliers that the complete onboarding process can be as short as 1-2 weeks, but may also take 5 weeks or more.

  1. Supplier submits the Supplier Registration Form (SRF) utilizing the link above
  2. UW verifies the supplier's submitted Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) information (EIN or SSN) with the IRS
  3. Supplier completes enrollment for electronic payments (may begin this process immediately after submitting the SRF)
  4. Supplier is invited* to join the ARIBA Network in order to leverage the full suite of UW buying options, including ARIBA Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs) (*optional if BPO is not being used)

1. Supplier Registration Form (SRF) Submission

The Supplier Registration Form (SRF) takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • UW Vendor Control will verify the information within 2-3 business days.

2. Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) Verification

UW verifies the TIN  and business information provided on the Supplier Registration Form with the IRS database. UW will hold all payments for non-matched TINs until the correct information is received and confirmed from a new submission of the Supplier Registration Form. The UW must ensure that the information we report to the IRS is verified prior to making any payments, without exception, as any inconsistencies may result in IRS penalties. In order to avoid IRS penalties, it is imperative that the information provided to the UW on a Supplier Registration Form matches EXACTLY with how it appears on the income tax return submitted to the IRS.

Please refer to the instructions on the IRS website regarding the information that should be provided. If you are a sole proprietor or disregarded LLC, you must enter your individual name on the first line of the Supplier Registration Form and any business name on the second line, if applicable.
  • Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) verification is typically completed weekly, typically by Thursday.

3. Electronic Payment Enrollment

The University of Washington's preferred payment method is by bank payment card, also known as ePayables, through Bank of America. Read more about the ePayables program including payment terms and conditions, card number assignment, and more on the ePayables page.
  • * The electronic payment enrollment step can take as few as 7 business days to complete, but can take longer as it is dependent on the supplier response to registration instructions sent directly from UW Vendor Control.

4. ARIBA Network Registration

The University uses the ARIBA eCommerce platform for its procurement transactions. The University will provide all new suppliers instructions for how to become an ARIBA Network supplier, receiving purchase orders and invoicing UW electronically.
  • * Once the University communication has been sent to the supplier, this step is dependent on the supplier response to registration instructions for how to complete the ARIBA Network enablement steps, also detailed on our ARIBA Network webpage.

How to Find a Supplier in the UW Supplier File

Campus departments can determine whether or not a supplier is registered and which onboarding steps have been completed by using the Supplier Search report in the B.I. Portal (ASTRA authorization required).

Understand How to Use UW Suppliers in ARIBA

Campus departments can find out supplier requirements for different types of ARIBA transactions in the How to Buy section of our website specifically for ARIBA.