Our office is currently using eSignatures. Is it ok if we scan all of the documents that were signed in ink before we started using DocuSign?

If you want to scan then destroy the original paper record, your office must have a written Scanning Policy on file with UW Records Management Services.

Can I use electronic signatures on my documents?

Yes, an eSignature service is now being offered by UW-IT as part of the Enterprise Document Management business service. eSignature capabilities are provided through an enterprise UW license for an online software called DocuSign. It provides the following business functions both electronically and securely: signatures, data collection, approvals, notification and acknowledgement.

For more information and to sign up, see the IT-Connect page on eSignatures.

We store our records using a third party vendor. Are these considered a public record?

Yes. Using a third-party vendor to store information in the cloud or using third-party services, such as Moodle, as part of interaction with students does not affect how these records are defined. Even if the records are not in our custody, these records are created on behalf of the University.

Can our office scan and destroy our paper records?

An office or department is always welcome to scan records so long as they keep the original paper documents. If you want to scan and destroy the original paper, your office must have a written Scanning Policy on file with our office. To check if you already have a scanning policy, talk to the Records Coordinator in your office or try our Departmental Search webpage – it tells you if you have a departmental retention schedule and/or a scanning policy.

Now that we are creating records electronically, do I still need to print a copy?

No. Currently, most records are created or received electronically, and maintaining them in their native electronic format is actually preferred over printing and retaining them in paper. However, be aware that electronic records are governed by the same retention requirements as paper records.

Do records retention schedules apply to electronic records too?

Yes. Records retention schedules cover all records created or received by University employees, whether in paper or electronic format. Both the state and the federal government define a record as information “regardless of physical form or characteristics”, so by definition, an email, database, or word document is also a record.

Can my administrator or the PI use the reconciliation report to ‘sign-off’ on their budget demonstrating fiscal oversight?

Administrators and PIs are able to electronically ‘sign-off’ on the Reconciliation Report in MyFinancial.desktop. This is the recommended means for demonstrating oversight of fiscal transactions.