Records Management Services has created the following resources, tutorials, and tips to assist University employees in their record keeping.

Cloud-Based Applications Best Practices

Offices and departments at the UW can use cloud applications to store university records provided that the records are managed properly. This resource helps offices and departments to establish best practices around records retention, usability, privacy & security, account management, implementation, and provider contracts. 

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Best Practices for Team Communication Platforms

Tools like Slack and MS Teams free us from emails but present unique challenges. These best practices are designed to help offices use team communication platforms efficiently and in compliance with UW legally-approved retention policies.

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Best Practices for Folder Structures

This resource outlines the requirements of a strong file structure with built-in retention. Do your records have a cut-off scheduled around a fixed-period in time or are they event-based? Using this guide can help you design a file plan that makes it easier for you and your users to find what you are looking for while following the legally-approved retention period for your records.

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Quick Reference Cards

Whether you just started at UW or have been here for years, managing records is a fact of life. Print and display our Quick Reference Cards in your workspace.

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Vital Records Manual

Vital Records are records that must be protected because of severe consequences to the office and the University as a whole if the record is lost or destroyed.

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