What is a Non-Catalog Purchase Order?

A Non-Catalog Purchase Order is the process of placing an ARIBA order with a supplier when the goods and/or services are not available in either a hosted or punchout catalog.

When to use

  • The hosted or punchout catalog of an ARIBA supplier is unable to convert quotes online.
  • The goods or services are not reoccurring purchases.
  • The order involves fixed quantities and/or dollar amounts.


  • Ability to leverage existing ARIBA functionalities, such as open system access, document retention and electronic approval flow.
  • Greater transparency, allowing users to see the status of the order at every step in the purchasing process.
  • Ability to attach Contracts for review by Purchasing under the Direct Buy Limit
  • Overall University procurement cost savings.
  • Quote capability for hosted and punchout catalog suppliers that lack this feature.

Supplier Requirements

In order for departments to be able to use Non-Catalog Ordering, their suppliers must be registered with the UW and available in ARIBA. You can determine whether or not a supplier meets the criteria by using the Supplier Search report (B.I. Portal). The report allows you to search by the supplier name, keyword, or six-digit supplier (vendor) number

Best Practices

  • Check the How to Buy page for guidance on planning your purchase.
  • DO NOT sign any contracts with the supplier. Review the Signatory Authority policy.
  • If a contract needs to be reviewed by Purchasing:
    • If the order is under the Direct Buy Limit, select the Contract Review option on the Summary screen of the Requisition (remember to include the company contact's name, email and phone number) 
    • If the order is over the Direct Buy Limit, attach the Contract to the Requisition and add a Comment to notify the Buyer to review.
  • Consider purchasing goods and services from a supplier with a UW contract, to leverage University-wide benefits.
  • Create a Non-Catalog order only after searching for the desired items in the hosted and punchout catalogs first.
  • Before placing an order, obtain:
    • Current, correct item pricing item
    • Part number(s) 
    • Commodity code(s)
    • Full item description
    • Quote number (if applicable)
    • Contact name
    • Email address and/or fax number for supplier
  • Create separate requisitions for non-catalog items (i.e., do not mix with hosted and punchout items).
  • Ensure proper documentation is attached (i.e., quotes, for food purchases form 1798 and for orders to suppliers registered as "individuals" or "sole proprietors" form 1632). Learn more at Attaching Documents in ARIBA
  • DO NOT use Internet Explorer to create a Non-Catalog order.  We strongly recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  
  • DO NOT place the order with the supplier prior to creating and submitting a Non-Catalog order. 
  • Do not split purchase orders to circumvent the competitive process.