NEWS:     2017.08.16 TSA Pre-Check Event, sponsored by Alaska Airlines Event Information, TSA
NOTICE:  2017.08.01 Domestic Per Diem Rates for 2018, WA OFMGSA
NEWS:     2017.06.07 Qatar Airspace Closure, Info
NOTICE:  2017.05.01 Biennium close information available, Biennium Close Website
NEWS:     2017.05.01 Yellow Fever vaccine shortage, Associated Press, NPR, CDC
NOTICE:  2017.04.29 Restrictions confirmed on non-essential travel to North Carolina
NEWS:     2017.03.06 Information on the travel executive order is available from UW Global Affairs
NOTICE:  2017.01.19 ARIBA eTravel enhancements, Notice, Change Document
NOTICE:  2016.12.13 Mileage Rate for 2017, WA OFM, IRS
NOTICE:  2016.08.12 Domestic Per Diem Rates for 2017, WA OFM, GSA
NOTICE:  2016.04.05 Restrictions on non-essential travel to Mississippi
NOTICE:  2016.03.29 Restrictions on non-essential travel to North Carolina