Not sure what to keep and what to delete? Use this handy chart to clean up your e-mail, network drives, and folders!

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Infographic text follows:


  • Is it an "official" document originating from our office...
    • documenting a university or office policy or procedure?
    • documenting a university or office mission or program?
    • documenting a university or office ation or decision?
    • requiring approval or signature?
  • Is it external correspondence sent or received by virtue of our office's role within the university?
  • Does it document our office spending (or being reimbursed by) university funds?


  • Is it a draft?
  • Is it an unofficial/duplicate copy?
  • Was it received simply as a courtesy?
  • Does it serve simply to request or provide information?
  • Does it not affect or reflect the transaction of official university business?
  • Is it only of limited, temporary value?