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UW Finance Planning & Budgeting

Facilities & Equipment


  • Floor Plans
  • Maintenance and Alterations: Which do you need and how much will it cost?
    • Maintenance:
      "Campus Maintenance fixes what is broken and keeps running what is not broken. If you have leaks, squeaks, breaks, graffiti and strange noises coming from the closets and rooftops, Campus Maintenance will respond to your problems."
    • Alterations:
      "Campus Alterations is the University of Washington's in-house provider for small projects, construction projects, renovations, cabinetry or shelving, infrastructure for new equipment, electrical or mechanical upgrades, signage and flooring"
    • Custodial Services: contacts, services, rates
  • Capital Projects Office
  • Access for Persons with Disabilities
    • The Access Guide is designed to help students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities locate appropriate routes on the Seattle campus and find appropriate entrances within buildings.
  • UW Real Estate Office
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Work Environment: Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

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Asset Management

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Event Planning

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