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Corporate Travel Services (not part of Travel Services!)

Independent of the Travel Services, Corporate Travel Services is a Procurement Services purchasing method for travel expenses, offering two types of payment options, the Central Travel Account and an individual UW Travel Card for UW faculty and staff for official business travel expenses.

Contact Corporate Travel Services:

Procurement Card Office:  206-543-5252
Procurement Card Customer Service Email Help:

Central Travel Account (CTA)

Allows departments to charge airfare, rail/bus tickets, and specified lodging to a centrally billed "CARDLESS" account when traveling on official UW business. To learn and/or apply for a CTA, click "here".

UW Travel Card

Allows UW travelers to charge transportation, lodging, meals and other travel related expenses when traveling on official UW business. To learn and/or apply for a UW Travel Card, click "here".


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Travel Services

The Travel Services is part of Procurement Services within UW Finance and provides training, guidance, and facilitates travel reimbursements while completing a risk-based analysis. The Travel Services addresses areas of concern based on State and UW travel policies while effectively communicating with process partners to ensure timely and accurate travel reimbursement.

Contact the Travel Services:

Customer Service: (206) 543-5858

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