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UW Finance Planning & Budgeting

Academic (Student) Administration

This section provides information on the administration of departmental curriculum, from course fees to time schedule management to the administrative intricacies of nontraditional courses. It also points administrators towards resources to support students in financial matters. Often, this has to do with helping them enroll in nontraditional courses, such as fee-based courses, fee-based programs, or courses with field trips. Administrators may also pay students directly as student employees, work study employees, or as recipients of departmental scholarships and awards. Occasionally, administrators may need to provide tuition stipends to students, either as part of a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship.


  1. Tuition and Mandatory Fees
  2. Tuition late fees
  3. Drops, Withdrawals, Forfeitures & Refunds


  1. Course Fees
    • Course fees are charged for some course sections in addition to tuition. Academic departments, with the approval of the respective Dean or Director, may add course fees to specific sections. New course fees in excess of $50 must also be approved by the Office of Planning and Budgeting.
    • Instructions and form for creating / changing course fees
    • To request a new revenue budget for course fees, see these instructions and submit this form to
    • Revenue budgets have institutional overhead charges assessed automatically. Departments can request exemption for budgets, based on the policy outlined in APS 33.2 by contacting the Office of Planning and Budgeting at or 206-543-6277.
  2. Student Fees and Registration Holds
    • Sometimes it is useful for administrators to be able to add charges to or to place registration holds on student accounts-for example, when students are late in returning department equipment or office keys.
    • To place a registration hold on a student account, email Christine Fish ( in the Registrar's Office and give her the student name, number, and reason for the hold.
    • To add a charge to a student account, follow the instruction on this video. Click on "M6-12 non tuition" in video. Contact Student Fiscal Services for appropriate charge codes.


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HIRING STUDENTS (See Payroll, Human Resources)

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  1. Field Trips
  2. Volunteers
  3. Global International Studies


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