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International Research & Education

The University of Washington is committed to building a global presence in research and education, as well as educating students to be global citizens. The Global Operations Support website was an outcome of central administrative efforts to provide the operational support needed by research faculty and study abroad programs, especially in the finance and compliance arenas. Other links below lead to central administrative services for study abroad programs, and for foreign scholars and students.


The Global Operations Support website provides a comprehensive array of information you need to operate university programs internationally. Subjects include:

  • How to operate in foreign countries (establishing legal status, export controls, field advances, hiring abroad, intellectual property, international relocations and purchasing abroad);
  • Foreign national payment and tax issues;
  • Health, safety and security abroad;
  • International travel and insurance
  • International educational programs and research

The site contains helpful tools for compliance such as checklists, forms, sample letters and charts, and tools for reconciliation and budgeting. A list of key contacts for global issues is provided.


The Study Abroad office provides hundreds of iinternational study and internship options to UW students. It also provides information to visiting exchange students and faculty who lead study abroad programs.


The ISO facilitates and monitors immigration compliance for visiting foreign national scholars who will be employed by the University. They provide guidance on visa options and a reference guide for each visa type, including J-1, H-1B, E-3 and TN. Also included is a reference guide for administrators of departments that are sponsoring foreign scholars.


The ISS office provides information about compliance with U.S. immigration regulations to international undergraduate and graduate students. They help students and staff to understand the interaction of federal regulations and university policies and help to resolve conflicts that may occur.


SFS coordinates with the International Student Services office to offer tax workshops to international students who receive 1098T tax forms. These workshops help international students understand the tax forms they receive from the UW and explain why they may have tax liabilities when they receive U.S. source income. SFS also offer sessions for department administrators so that they have an overview of the 1098T and tax forms related to international students.


The UW currently operates research and educational centers in countries around the world. The Office of Global Affairs provides an overview of some of the UW's current international operations, including:

  • UW Rome Center
  • UW Arts & Sciences Leon Center
  • UW Department of Global Health
  • International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH)
  • International Clinical Research Center (ICRC)
  • Thompson Research Vessel


The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) has published a resource for universities with global business operations. The website is a collaboration of many large research universities, including the University of Washington. It provides an extensive array of resources, including best practices, templates for checklists and forms, and a section profiling what it's like to operate in 30 different countries.