Procurement Services is the University's central procurement operation. They create strategic sourcing contracts for efficient and cost effective procurement utilizing eProcurement, an online marketplace of supplier catalogs. In instances when needed goods or services are not available in eProcurement, a secondary purchasing option is available using a UW issued ProCurement Card, and finally as the least favorable option, submitting a requisition using the Purchasing & Accounting System (PAS).


Choose the best method for making your purchase by using the Procurement Guide for Goods and Services

  • eProcurement - direct link to eProcurement information and suppliers
  • ProCard Services - how and when to use the UW ProCurement Card
  • Purchase Order - how and when to use guidance, tips & resources and the role of Purchasing Buyer
  • UW Contracts- available UW Contracts and how to use them
  • Procurement Teams - links to buying staff in groups, help from Customer Service
  • Other References - links to rules & policies, Inter-local agreements, Office of Naval Research approval

Please consider the University's commitment to environmental stewardship and supplier diversity when making purchasing decisions.

  • Supplier Invoices - Invoices from suppliers for payments of goods/services associated with a PAS P.O.
    • NonPO Invoice - online mechanism for making quick payments to suppliers when a PO is not required
  • Foreign Nationals - Payments to individuals who are not citizens of the United States, or is a permanent resident alien
  • Payments to Individuals (non honorarium) - Payments to individuals (Independent Contractors)
  • Honorariums - Payments to individuals for lectures or other speaking engagements
  • Reimbursements
  • Refunds from UW - Repayment from revenue budgets and non-revenue budgets
  • Research Subjects - Payments for participation in a research study
  • Wire Payments - Scheduling supplier payment by bank wire
  • Food Approvals - Guidelines for purchasing food and beverages with UW
  • Cell Phones - Using the ProCard to purchase and pay monthly cell phone bills
  • Payments by Wire: transfer is negotiated at the time the order is placed but because it's a manual process it's not a recommended payment method
  • Revolving Fund: account is an advance of funds to an individual custodian on behalf of a department
  • Field Advance: is a loan from UW general funds made to an individual (the custodian) to provide a temporary source of funds that cannot be paid with a UW ProCurement or Travel card
  • Gift Cards: in some cases may be the preferred form of payment to research subjects