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Training Classes

Below is a series of courses in which we teach Lean concepts and principles. We are not currently offering these courses on a regular schedule, due to the pandemic, but if you are interested in one or more of these trainings for your team, please feel free to reach out to us at

Introduction to Lean (IL)

This series provides an overview of what Lean means and the systems used to maintain a Lean environment.

  • Intro to Lean: Understanding Lean Principles and the 4 Key Systems (IL1)
Strategy Deployment (SD)

This series provides the basics of goal setting in order to achieve results.

  • Setting & Aligning Goals (SD1)
  • Selecting & Simplifying Metrics (SD2)
  • Identifying & Refining Focused Objectives (SD3)
Visual Management (VM)

This series demonstrates how to get the most out of your visuals.

  • Introduction to Visual Management (VM1)
  • Running and Visually Managing Effective Huddles (VM2)
Daily Kaizen (DK)

This series focuses on tactics to achieve incremental, continuous improvement.

  • Idea Systems (DK1)
  • Solving Problems to Impact Results & Recognizing Behaviors (DK2)
Standard Follow-Up (SFU)

This series delivers methods to provide standard follow-up.

  • Understanding & Reporting Results (SFU1)
  • Escalation: Removing Barriers (SFU2)
Engagement (E)

This series provides tools to create an engaged, collaborative team.

  • Connecting With a Purpose (E1)
  • Fun But Focused (E2)